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Some destinations are so amazing that we want to visit there again and again. The beauty of some destination cannot explain in the world properly. Himachal Pradesh is one of the prettiest destinations in India which caught the attraction of thousands of tourist every year. You can’t stop yourself to praise the magnificent beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh also called Dev Bhoomi means land of God and Goddess. You will find several miraculous temples here. Himachal and its delectable natural beauty caught the attention of thousands of tourist every year. The people who are living in Himachal Pradesh are very interesting and their culture is also very different from others. People of Himachal are very nice and gentle people, they used to live a very simple life and keep them self far away from showing off.

Himachal is the best place if you want to see snowfall in winters. Kullu and Manali are my favorite cities in Himachal Pradesh. In winter season you will find everywhere a white sheet of snow that seems very pretty and give you an impression of heaven on the mother earth. Beas River flows very fast in the valley with extreme pressure. You can hear the voice of the fast flowing water of the river clearly anywhere even if you are roaming in the market of any city in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal is a very good place if you want to do shopping for the winter season, you will find here numbers of woolen clothes and other handmade items at a very cheap rate. The best part of woolens that you will find in the market of here is that they are made by pure wool and very warm to wear in chilling winters too. The very interesting thing that you will experience in Himachal is wedding party there. In Himachal Pradesh wedding are very simple and you will taste Dham, People of Himachal Pradesh called Dham to the lunch what they offer in their weddings which consists of very simple food items and they serve it on the plate made of dry leaves.

Himachal is full of mind-blowing seen and natural beauty. But few cities in Himachal Pradesh you must visit in your life.

Beauty of Himachal


Shimla is said to be the prettiest city in Himachal Pradesh. It was its beauty that the British declared the city as their capital in the summer season. You will see here snow-capped Himalayan range that seems to be like the white crown that is placed on the head of the great Himalaya. In thing, if you winter season temperature goes blew zero that is mind-blowing if you are planning to visit here in winters.



Pine trees and snow-capped highest mountains make Dharamshala is a unique and beautiful place to visit. Dharamshala is also known for the Tibetans that are found heavily in Dharamshala and you will see the imprint of their culture all over in the city.


Kullu and Manali

Although Kullu and Manali are two separate cities their name comes all together. Kullu is famous for trekking, mountaineering, skiing, white water rafting, and Paragliding. You can enjoy here some other adventures games too.

If we talk about the natural beauty of Manali then words cannot explain it. In Manali, you will find here high mountains that are covered with white snow. If you visit here in winter’s season then believe me you are the luckiest person who will experience the fresh snowfall all over.

Kullu and Manali

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